Association of Professionals and EXperts

"Applying professionalism in Nation building"

Welcome to APEX

A common ground for like-minded professionals to share their views, discuss and act and thereby bring about a change in the society.

Our Background

APEX is formed as a non-profit, non-governmental organization, which serves as a platform for professionals from any field to work together for the welfare of the society. Through this organization they can address the common issues of the society and bring about a social change.

About Our APEX

APEX is a group of professionals willing to contribute to the welfare of the nation, utilizing their professional and personal skills and aims at social welfare and national development. This community brings together a number of such like-minded professionals, by which they can work together effectively as a team, for the welfare of the society and thereby contribute to the economic and social development of the nation. Such a community also helps to improve the skills of team members, develop their interpersonal skills and make them more competent and efficient. The activities of the community will include rendering services to the society, discussions, addressing social and professional issues, developmental initiatives etc.


Registration number : TVM/TC/485/2015

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What We Do

To promote cooperation and cordial relation among the members of the association. To further and protect the legitimate interest of its members,To uplift the status and interest of its members, To uphold the honour and dignity of the nation, To work towards bringing a positive change in the society for the betterment of the nation in all ways possible, To bring together people from different professions and create common goals aimed at the above, which can be achieved by combined effort of the members.

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